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Alright friends, I won’t lie to you, there isn’t much here. However, Warped Pipes remains committed to fitting every possible game into the Mario timeline so let’s do it. I’m talking about...

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Mario The Juggler

The last Game & Watch handheld featuring Mario, Mario The Juggler is essentially a remake of the very first Game & Watch title, Ball. The primary difference being that it now features Mario and, as you might suspect, he juggles. Believe it or not, the game actually has a story presented in the manual. I’ve included it below and it definitely doesn’t sound like the first part of a fan fiction I hope never to read.


That’s pretty much all the story there is. In the actual game, we just see Mario juggle stuff until he messes up enough times and there is a game over.

World Building

The most interesting aspect of this game is that it marks the first time we see these creatures as anything other than antagonists. Here the Lakitu and Hammer Bro show clear intelligence and curiousity and end up interacting positively with Mario.


Also, juggling is a thing in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The Timeline So Far

The simplicity of the story makes this a hard one to place. At a minimum, we can be sure that the game occurs after Super Mario Bros. given that Mario is in the Mushroom Kingdom with Mushroom Retainers and Koopas. My best guess is that it takes place soon after the conclusion of the Koopa Wars, when Bowser’s forces are routed but many are still present in the Mushroom Kingdom; in this case a wandering Lakitu and Hammer Bro. As such, I’ve placed it as the first game in the Post-War Era in our timeline.


Next Up

In the next article I’ll talk about some non-canon games. After that, it’s time to look at Super Mario Kart, which, despite some initial hesitation, I’ve decided to consider canon. More on that later!


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