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In the last Warped Pipes article I declared that Yoshi and Yoshi’s Cookie were non-canon due to their lack of story. As it turns out, the games have been given stories retroactively, they just aren’t particularly easy to find. A big shout out to @SenderwalkTest for pointing this out to me.

So, first, let’s talk about...


Image: Super Mario Wiki

As mentioned in the previous article, Yoshi is a fairly straight forward falling block puzzle game (i.e. Tetris-like). While the original release doesn’t have anything in the way of a story, it’s recent re-release on the Switch’s online service does include one:

Obviously, this is pretty basic, but if I’m going to be including Game & Watch titles in the timeline, it’s only fair that Yoshi get the same treatment.

Yoshi’s Cookie

Image: Super Mario Wiki

While the original Yoshi’s Cookie doesn’t seem to have much of a story, newer, Japanese-only, versions have expanded upon it.

In Yoshi no Cookie: Kuruppon Oven de Cookie, the game includes an explorable overworld which features a number of brick buildings. By entering the kitchens of these building, Yoshi learns new cookie recipes.


Nintendo Puzzle Collection adds a full blown story mode to the game in which Mario and Yoshi get tired from making cookie deliveries, leading to Bowser stealing their cookies and ultimately to yet another showdown between the foes.

Timeline Placement

While figuring out exact placement of these games is tricky, we do at least know that they take place after Super Mario World, since Mario and Yoshi are well acquainted , and that they take place in the Koopa Wars Era since Bowser is still actively antagonizing our heroes.


My speculation is that Yoshi takes place shortly after SMW, perhaps even still in Dinosaur Land, where the koopa had previously trapped the Yoshis in eggs.

Yoshi’s Cookie then follows as Yoshi follows Mario back to the Mushroom Kingdom and takes up the hobby of baking. In Yoshi no Cookie: Kuruppon Oven de Cookie we see Yoshi exploring his Mushroom Kingdom surroundings and learning the art of cookie making. In Nintendo Puzzle League, we see that this hobby has turned into a lucrative business that has garnered Bowser’s unwanted attention.


This gives us the timeline below:


Next Up

Okay, next time I will actually do Super Mario Kart. I promise!

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