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Warped Pipes: When Does Mario's Cement Factory Take Place in the Series' Timeline?

Welcome back to Warped Pipes, the series where I attempt to construct a coherent timeline for the Super Mario franchise by analyzing one game at a time. Today’s topic: the 1983 Game & Watch title...

Mario’s Cement Factory

Box Art.
Image: Super Mario Wiki

In this solo game, we rejoin Mario on a construction job where he is mixing and distributing concrete. The game manual below explains.

Instruction Manual
Image: In The Attic

Once again we need to discuss...

Different Versions

A modern remake of Mario’s Cement Factory exists in the GBA title Game & Watch Gallery 4. This version has a very different scenario and is set in a cookie factory. This modern version will be discussed separately along with the other modern versions of Game & Watch titles in a later entry.


Events of the Game

Mario frantically runs around the construction site, riding lifts up and down in order to drain the upper cement reservoirs into the lower reservoirs and the lower reservoirs into the trucks. When Mario messes up and lets the reservoirs overflow, the truck drivers are splashed with cement and angrily glare at Mario.


That’s essentially the whole game. There isn’t too much more to probe here and it doesn’t add anything to the world building that I haven’t already addressed with previous entries.

The Timeline So Far

For once, I am going to break from release order and place the game at the beginning of the timeline. This decision is based on the following:

  1. Luigi is not present, so this game takes place before the brothers start working together.
  2. Mario is seen working in construction here, which likely means the game takes place around the same time as the Donkey Kong series.
  3. It makes the most sense that Mario would quit/be fired from his construction job after the events of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr., putting those games at the end of this era in Mario’s life

This leaves us with the following timeline:


Next Up

Next time, we’ll check back in on Stanley and DK Sr. in Donkey Kong 3.

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