Wartortle is actually my favorite "teenager" of the original starters. I always loved his ear wings and blue was my favorite color so...yeah, they're kind of crappy reasons to like a Pokemon but I was like 10 or 11 at time! Wartortle is also one of the biggest fakeouts to an evolution we've ever seen as well. Those wings, the poofy tail, the cheek markings, and the dark blue color are all thrown aside when Blastoise comes around.

If I were to redesign this pokemon, I would add little openings in the back of his shell, which would indicate that something would be growing out of there for the next evo AKA dem cannons. Also, the wing tufts would be eliminated in favor of little budding ears, which Blastoise grows. And that poofy tail? How does that turn into a more smaller traditional looking tail? I have no idea what to put there but yeah, you see now that Wartortle's design is a mess. However, as I said, I loved Wartortle as a kid and that was enough for me to keep the original design intact for this representation.

Did you know that the first iteration of this Wartortle was far different in appearance than you see it now? Of course not, which is why I'm telling you now. He was originally very awkward looking, and I channeled a bit of Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara into it. My brother told me how creepy he looked and how much he disliked it which discouraged me from posting it but I'm glad he did. Then again, I never really attempted to finish up that original drawing, whic h I simply drew over and formed into this. I made him a lot more aesthetically pleasing by upping the cute factor which I don't think I'll get any complaints about.

Also, this piece evolves the bubble from the first picture, if you didn't notice! Wartortle is being fiesty and is holding that bubble under hostage.



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