I don’t know but I’m rewatching it to find out. I need a baseline outline of why I disliked it the first time through and we’ll see if anything changes now that my expectations are, “this sucked.”

I watched it when it was first released on Crunchyroll. Here are what I remember as my main criticisms and why I think they may change based on a rewatch.

  • Pacing
  • I don’t think there’s any getting around this. However, with the ability to binge watch instead of getting psyched for the new ep only to have it be 22 minutes of Armin crying about being a coward...I may have a better time of it.
  • Animation

Kinda nitpicky but it really bothered me that there were so many shots where nothing happened. It was either a static frame with a pan across or else minimal animation - ie those flying through the forest scenes towards the end of the show. Now that I am watching it WITH someone, I can use the downtime to talk to that person instead!


  • Characters

Armin sucked, Eren was a one trick pony, Mikasa was a Mary Sue. Honestly I think this might be my hardest thing to overcome. The only character in the show that shows any real growth, well beside Eren (ha ha ha), is Jean. Everyone else’s arc is a horizontal line...Maybe I can insert backstories to the characters. Or try to match them up to Game of Thrones characters. I ONLY WISH ARMIN WAS NED STARK, BECAUSE NED DIED. SPOILER.

  • Story

The story was .....mixed. On the one hand, it was a wonderfully creative and interesting story. I really really enjoyed it and that’s why I hated it. Going back to the pacing they spent so much unnecessary time that could have been used to further the story instead of having it end prematurely with not even an iota of resolution. I think now that I know, going in, that this is going to be a let down it might be OK. Along those same lines, the fact that it was a giant mecha anime in disguise sort of turned me off too, but now that I know it should mitigate a lot of the disappointment.


  • The Hype Train

If I had to hear one more person hype this show....now we’ve gone through the hype, the hype backlash, the backlash to the backlash and now here we are, trying to take an objective view of something I’ve already formed an opinion on.

Basically I think this is the kicker, I know what to expect this time around so hopefully I don’t feel let down after watching it again. I remember wanting to like it so badly and it had so many moments where it was the show I wanted to be watching that maybe this time around those moments will overshine the negatives that I felt.


I guess I should also mention that I remember basically nothing about the show. I remember the overall plot but very little in between. I will get back to you all in 20 something episodes and let you know how it goes.