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Heylo fellow Smash fans and TAY-lings! In case you've been under a rock all week, there are a BUNCH of Smash Bros. things happening, and almost all at once! First there was the Japanese demo, then the early copies and streamers, and now there's a demo coming to the rest of the world today for Club Nintendo Platinum members, and for everybody starting next week!


Okay, so right now there are a bunch of streamers playing the game, including Jwittz, Shofu, Nintendo themselves, and plenty of others. All morning I've been using this handy tool, Multitwitch, to watch all of these streams at once, muting one at a time. It's very handy, and very awesome, and anyone who's interested in Smash Bros. can feel free to tune in to the streams and follow the METRIC TONS OF HYPE!

The four streams I've been watching can be found here:


In addition, if you're interested at all, I've created a Facebook group dedicated to Smash Bros. 4 3ds/Wii U Mega Hype, for all to join, if you so please! Eventually I hope it'll serve as a nice platform for people to meet and play games with each other, too, and even set up tournaments!


Said group can be found here! Come one, come all. ^_^

Nintendo's Treehouse stream will be running for... what was it, eight whole hours? Tune in basically any time today if you want to check it out! I'll post it here for your convenience <3 :

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