You Must Watch This Batman Short

Bruce Timm, creator of the well-known DC Animated Universe, produced this new short for Batman's 80th anniversary.

If you're like me, and Batman: The Animated Series was one of your favorite series growing up, this will tug your heartstrings a bit, and possibly make you want to re-watch the originals.

Oh, and for my money? No one gives voice to Batman better than Kevin Conroy. No one.

Watch The New Batman Short By The Animated Series Creator Bruce Timm

Batman: The Animated Series co-creator Bruce Timm delivers a brand new Batman short in honor of the hero's 75th anniversary. Styled as a 1930s pulp, it follows Batman to the lair of Hugo Strange.

Since Batman first appeared in 1939, Timm decided to play tribute to that era with a sepia-toned adventure, and Hugo Strange, paired with his creature and a starlet-type blonde, evokes Universal's monster movies. This short—just a morsel, really—makes us miss Batman: TAS.

[via Brian Bendis]