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Watch This Emotional Documentary of the Brutal Hotline Miami

It’s no secret that I’ve a slight obsession with Hotline Miami, and with good reason! The series created by indie game developers Jonatan “cactus” Söderström and Dennis Wedin is a wonderful example that all it takes to make it is determination, personality, heart, an ear for killer music, and a whole lot of brilliance.

Yeah, that’s… not that easy.

This documentary by Complex goes behind the scenes with interviews with the developers, publishers, artists and musicians to discuss the makings of Hotline Miami—from its humble beginnings to its now commercial and critical success.

It’s well-worth watching the 30 or so minutes if you’re a fan of the series, a fan of games and personal stories of those giving a little piece of themselves to create them, or if even just for a little inspirational pick-me-up.


Source: The Hotline Miami Story by Complex on YouTube

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