A Pokémon Heart Gold Randomized Nuzlocke Challenge!

The Rules

If a pokémon faints, it’s dead, and must be boxed or released.

Only one pokémon per route can be caught, and must be the first pokémon encountered.

If all pokémon are defeated or progress cannot be made, the game is over.

Grace Rules

One, and only one, death can be ignored.

The second pokemon on any route can be the required catch in the event that it, or a member of its family, has already been captured or if its typing is already represented to an extreme in the current party. (To be explained)


The Randomization

All pokémon (wild, trainer’s), trainer names, trainer types, moves, items, abilities, TM/HM compatability, in-game trade pokémon, and a couple other things I don’t remember. Easy evolutions activated (no trades required)


Heart Gold is one of the hardest games to perform a Nuzlocke in, much more when it’s randomized. My luck with Nuzlocke challenges hasn’t been very good (usually failing before the first badge!) and so I wasn’t really expecting much out of this attempt. I chose the female character and named her Butts. This is her adventure...


Butts started out her adventure like many fresh trainers: being forced into questionable child labor. Tasked with delivering a package to the Professor’s friend, Butts was luckily given a pokémon to defend herself against the dangerous ones out in the tall grass. Butts was given the choice of Dewgong, Seadra, or Sneasel. Knowing that anything that is Ice or /Ice is a glass cannon, Butts decids that her starter would be Seadra. This pokémon was male, and she named him Sniper Joe.

So Butts and Sniper Joe traveled west along route 29 toward Cherrygrove City. Along the way she encountered wild Probopass and Mismagius, but Sniper Joe was able to take them down easily. After a quick visit to the pokémon center, she journeyed north along route 30 and encountered Krabby and Arcanine. Still nothing Sniper Joe couldn’t handle. She final made it to her destination and made her delivery. However, she was forced into child labor again with the impossible task of “catching ‘em all” and another silly delivery quest.


With egg in hand, she traveled back south and ran into a red-haired youth while exiting Cherrygrove City. This misterious miscreant attacked, and the game informs me that he is “Poet Ann”! Poet Ann sends out Sneasel! Butts sends out Sniper Joe! Because moves have been randomized, Sniper Joe already comes with four moves that are supposed to lean toward his typing. He know Water Gun, Dive, Hydro Pump, and Sacred Fire! Sniper Joe uses Sacred Fire! It’s Super Effective! Poet Ann is defeated! Poet Ann leaves in a huff and Butts continues on her way.

She returns to New Bark Town and delivers the egg in question, tells her mom that she’s running away from home and won’t return until she’s the very best like no one ever was. Butts’ mom doesn’t seem to care. Why would she? She named the poor girl Butts. Her mom does offer to steal some of her hard earned money, however Butts refuses. Butts leaves her hometown and runs into Ethan (or was it Evan?) on the way out of town. He shows her how to capture pokémon, like Butts didn’t know already, and gives her some free balls.


Route 29’s first encounter is Mismagius! The ghost pokémon could barely touch Sniper Joe, but Sniper Joe’s attack nearly one-shotted it! Butts throws a pokéball and watches it wiggle... wiggle... wiggle... and caught! This witchy ghost is female, so Butts names it Sorasha after her favorite WMD (Witch of Mass Destruction). Butts swings through Cherrygrove once more and buys some more balls because she knows her luck won’t hold out. Route 30 was home to Krabby and Arcanine, and her first encounter is Krabby. Sorasha weakens the crab and it is captured! Being female, Krabby is named Mrs.Krabs.

The team is looking pretty good right now. Mrs.Krabs came with Water Gun and Giga Impact. Sorasha came with Confuse Ray, Shadow Ball, and Comet Punch. Mrs.Krabs apparently cannot be put to sleep, and Sorasha, despite not having hands, is master of the Iron Fist! Those Comet Punches feel at most 20% stronger now! Sniper Joe has the uncanny ability to not be hurt by its own attacks where others would be.


Butts takes a peek inside the Dark Cave at the northernmost point of Route 30 to see what she can find, and is incredibly surprised when she encounters a Pidgeot! What is a bird doing in a cave!? Sorasha weakens the bird and Butts captures it with ease. Butts names the bird pokémon Bird Jesus after the Pidgeot of legend. Bird Jesus knows Icy Wind, Body Slam, Perish Song, and Sky Attack, and has the ability to not be hurt as much by moves that would be supper effective against it.

On Route 31 Butts fails to capture anything, so heads into Violet City nonplussed. There she climbs the Bellsprout Tower, fighting people that look like monks but seem to call themselves nurses. At the top she encounters Poet Ann, but Poet Ann doesn’t want to fight right now. Instead she battles the head nurse and though he says he’s giving her the TM Flash, he really gives her the TM Fury Cutter.


She decides it’s time to challenge the first gym leader who is supposedly the user of flying types. Butts easily dispatches the two bird-keepers who are calling themselves “Rangers” between her and the gym leader. The gym leader introduces himself, Butts notes that his name doesn’t actually match what he said it was, but doesn’t remember what it was on his trainer card. The gym leader’s first pokémon is Taillow, it really is a flying type! Bird Jesus takes it out with an Icy Wind. The gym leader’s second pokémon is a Hippopotas. That is definitely not a flying type. Sniper Joe takes it out with a Dive.

Butts is victorious in her first gym challenge without any casualties! The gym leader offers up a TM that turns out to contain Dragon Dance! Butts teaches Dragon Dance to Sniper Joe and goes on her way. Before she can leave Violet City she stocks up on potions and is given an egg by the Professor’s assistant. She also checks out what the local pokémon trade is. “Do you have a Raikou? Would you trade it for my Hariyama?” Butts declines. Like she’d trade a Raikou for that....


Butts leaves out route 36 but some strange tree is in her way, so she decides to head south through the Ruins of Alph. Here she solves an easy puzzle, falls through a trap door, and is assaulted by wave after wave of Corphish as she walks toward the exit. One crab pokémon was enough for Butts. She continues her way south along Route 32 toward Union Cave. Along the way she encounters wild Wailord in the grass! Another water type! Butts decides that she’s quite had enough of water types and uses the Grace Rules to go for the second pokémon she encounters on this route. Luckily, this one is a Magnemite! Butts captures it and forgets to name it because she was so busy being mad at the overabundance of water types.

Butts find a man willing to give her an old fishing rod for free and she takes it. She knows it’s junk but it was free, you can’t beat free. Seeing as all these water types are on the land in a large amount, surely that means the land pokémon are in the water! She returns to Violet City and casts the old rod into the water. A bite! She landed a pokémon on the hook! Butts fished up Alataria! Butts facepalmed! It’s super effective! A nerve-wracking battle ensues where Butts is faced with an Alataria that knows Draco Meteor and Dragon Pulse, but she manages to capture this rare pokémon and names it Blue. She stops off at the pokémon center and deposits Magnemite in the box and withdraws Blue.


She swings back through the Ruins of Alph and decides to see what she can find hiding under rocks. Mrs.Krabs used Rock Smash! A wild Qwilfish appeared! Butts and Mrs.Krabs both facepalmed! Butts returns the end of route 32 and enters Union Cave. Here she encounters an Illumise and captures it. Illumise is sent to box 1 because this random egg which is nowhere close to hatching is taking up valuable space. On the way through Union Cave she defeats trainers easily and nearly has a heart attack when she encounters wild Gyarados just chilling in this peaceful cave. They offer her no trouble though.

Exiting Union Cave she finds herself on the small route 33 and sees what wild pokémon she can find. Her first encounter is Seel! Invoking the Grace Rule she goes for her second encounter. A wild Swablu appeared! Butts invokes the Grace Rule again, but all that she can find are Seel and Swablu. Butts gives up on Route 33 and heads west where she encounters a Team Rocket member talking about slowpoke tails. Realizing that her team is incredibly weak to lightning, she decides to bypass Azalea Town and head right into the Ilex Forest to see what she can find.


However, right before she can enter the forest she’s assaulted by Poet Ann! Poet Ann sends out Bronzor! Go Blue! Blue uses Dragon Pulse and drops Bronzor to the yellow zone. Bronzor uses Horn Drill. It’s a OHKO! How the hells did that hit!? Butts is pissed that Blue is killed, but remembers there’s Swablu on Route 33, then remembers she can’t capture it because the rules say she can’t capture anything in the same family. She calls upon the fickle Gods that allowed a OHKO move to actually hit and begs for forgiveness. They tell her that in the words of Spider-Man “everyone gets one” and let her keep Blue.

Sniper Joe gets revenge on Bronzor with a Sacred Fire. Poet Ann sends out his next pokémon, but it was so mediocre that Butts doesn’t remember what it was. She defeats it, then Poet Ann’s Sneasel falls to another one of Sniper Joe’s Sacred Fires. With Poet Ann out of the way, Butts heals up her team and heads into the Ilex Forest. Here her first encounter is Pupitar! Luckily she captures this one after a few balls and names it “Grounded”. Butts decides to walk around a bit and train her team while waiting for the egg to hatch.


After finding a few Farfetch’d and receiving the Cut HM and a short training montage, the egg finally hatches. Butt watches in anticipation as the egg cracks. It’s going to be something good, she just knows it is! The egg shakes and falls apart and reveals inside....! Seel.

Butts throws “Seriously?” the Seel into Box 1, withdraws Grounded, and goes to rescue the Slowpoke in Slowpoke Well. She defeats the Rocket Grunts easily enough, despite them calling themselves “Champions”, then sees what she can find in Slowpoke Well. If you guessed that it was a Water type, you’ve read this entire thing so far. All Butts can seem to find in Slowpoke Well are the useless water type pokémon. She decides to take it out on the local gym leader. After decimating the gym leader’s lackeys she faces off against the supposed bug-type user.


The gym leader’s first pokémon is Mamoswine. Butts had a heart attack! Butts withdrew Bird Jesus and sent out Sniper Joe to deal with Mamoswine. The Mamoswine’s attack of opportunity misses and Sniper Joe takes no damage. Sniper Joe uses Sacred Fire! Mamoswine uses Earthquake! It’s still not dead, do it again! Mamoswine is brought down to 1hp! Mamoswine uses Earthquake. Sniper Joe survives with 1HP! Sniper Joe finishes it off and Butts changes into a fresh pair of undies. The gym leader’s next pokémon is Seedot, which Sniper Joe takes out with Sacred Fire in one shot. The gym leader’s final ‘mon is also useless and Blue takes it out easily.

Butts decides that this close call of a battle was too much for her nerves, takes her new Icicle Spear TM and badge, and decides now would be a good time to save her progress and call it a day.



Current Team: Sniper Joe (Seadra), Blue (Alataria), Bird Jesus (Pidgeot), Mrs.Krabs (Krabby), Sorasha (Mismagius), Grounded (Pupitar)


Progress: 2/16 badges