Community! That means you! And me! And also you! And most definitely you. But not that guy. He's lame. We're doing a podcast! Maybe! Kinda sorta! Based on yesterday's topic, nearly everyone seems keen to do this, which is pretty encouraging. Let's get the ball rolling by discussing what we'd like to have in a podcast. I have a few ideas, but feel free to suggest your own.


I'd like to see podcasts hosted by three or four main people that are half an hour to an hour in length, done at least twice a month, maybe more, depending on whether or not we'd like to do things. The goal is to be fairly relaxed and informal, uploading our audio somewhere for download, as well as uploading each episode to Youtube, accompanied by gameplay video (which I can definitely record if nobody else can).

I've thought of two ways we can cover topics: the first is to have the hosts (of which I'd like to be one 'cause it was my idea and all; I'd also like to see one of the more senior TAY people be involved with this) pick the subjects to discuss every week. The second is to post a thread, before every podcast, asking people what topics they'd like to see covered. An additional advantage is that if certain people were more or less experts on a certain thing (I know nothing about fighting games, for instance) could show up as guests to join us on the show and we could discuss the things they're interested in.

Actually, scratch that, I'd definitely like to have guests on the show, period.

It's worth noting that there's also the possibility of doing live shows, using a service like Mixlr. We could set up a twitter feed (or maybe just monitor an IRC channel or Steam chat) for questions anyone might have that we could answer live on the show (or, God forbid, we get something wrong and need to be corrected by our listeners). I might set up a Google document for all the people who want to collaborate on this, listing their skills and interests and such, just to keep us organized.


Sadly, I've only been on two podcasts, so my knowledge of how to do things isn't all that high. Excitingly, a couple people who say they've got a lot of experience have volunteered to help with the show, so that's good.

So far, I've received two suggestions on how to do this: Google Hangouts and Skype. For the sake of actual IM discussion, I'd like to go ahead and chat with ya'll on Skype (mine's tseliot86) to talk about how to get this all worked out.


Schedulewise, I don't... honestly know what things are going to be like for me throughout the summer, which is a big part of the reason why I'd like to just start chatting privately with people on Skype (my Steam Friendslist is just getting too big), though I might try to set up an IRC channel later, since that's the absolute best way to chat live (great logging, channels for chatting, setting topics with ease, etc) in my opinion. If anyone has a preference of IRC server, let me know. I was thinking Rizon or IRCHighway.

I figure what we can do is have a few test runs. Everyone who wants to be involve gets involved, we have a few random sessions, figure out who's actually good at this stuff (gasp, maybe I am not), figure out who is, and move on from there.


Oh, and, additionally, I'd like to call us Mister Podcast, because, despite being a sort of TAY community podcast, if we end up getting large enough that we'd like to go out and do our own thing, I'd like that to be a possibility. If you have better ideas—and I'm sure you do—smack me upside the head with 'em.

Also, we need to get to a point where we can compete with podcasts/Youtubers as good as Idle Thumbs or TotalBiscuit or whatever.




I'll TRY to do something NEXT WEEK, because this Saturday, I'm going to be playing Payday: The Heist with a bunch of Kotakuites, and I may end up helping my little brother move a few hours south of here. In August, I myself will be moving, as well as, hopefully, starting work at a new job (if I can find one).


So I'd like the regular, 'official' podcasting to begin in August, maybe? I'm sure a lot of you will be attending school, so maybe once we all get settled in. Let's play this by ear and see how things work.

So, what do you need to get involved:

  • Skype or Google Hangout, not sure which (my Skype is tseliot86)
  • An IRC client or online IRC account with mibbit or something, possibly.
  • Headphones
  • A good microphone, even if it's just part of your headset; we need to be able to hear you clearly when you talk; if you don't know how good or bad your mic is, that's what the test sessions we have will be for.
  • A voice
  • A brain that functions
  • Experience with podcasting or Youtubing a plus, but not an inherent requirement

Sound good?

Let's do this!