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We Need Sultry Medics In Heroes Of The Storm

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As I was playing Heroes of the Storm with a friend, he commented “It would be awesome to have a full StarCraft team”. I had selected Zeratul and he went the other stealth assassin, Nova and I began to wonder if it would be possible. We certainly have the assassins covered with both stealth characters plus Raynor, Tychus and the Queen of Blades, Kerrigan. The specialists are covered with Abathur, Sgt. Hammer, and the biggest lane bully coming from the creep, Zagara. We even have Tassadar as a ranged support. Although in my opinion, he’s more of a specialist. Tassadars sheild is great but it’s no match for Brightwing or Lili’s healing abilities. A StarCraft only team would be missing two very important character types, a tanky warrior and a good healing support.

“I just love brutally murdering my enemies” - Brightwing

As far as healers go, the best characters all come from the WarCraft universe. Brightwing, the faerie dragon is my personal favorite, followed by Lili, Malfurion, Rehgar and Uther all coming from WarCraft. Brightwing believes that nature is magic, and friendship is delicious! This is one of the many reasons Brightwing is my current favorite for the support role. The high fantasy of these characters is great and I love the dialogue that Blizzard had given to their characters. However, I would love to see more Sci-Fi elements from the StarCraft universe make their way into the Nexus. I’ve thought about Arcturus Mensk being added as a Warrior, Fenix as an assassin, or eve Selendis as a support. It wasn’t until playing with my friend did I realize there was a healing support right there all along, the sassy and Sultry Terran Medic!

Not only does StarCraft need some real support in the line up, but the medic has always had a lot to say. With her breathy voice and use of innuendo, I think the medic would be a perfect addition to help her allies battle in the Nexus. The quotes are pure gold on their own and I would heartily enjoy playing as her. In StarCraft, the medic was always an important unit to add to your army of marines to help keep them alive. Their only armament is the A-13 flash grenade launcher, which is used to ‘blind’ enemy targets. This certainly sounds a lot like Lili’s blinding wind talent. I also imagine one of her ults being similar to Raynor’s where he calls down two Banshees, except she would call down two Medivacs to constantly heal her allies for a period of time. There are many abilities Blizzard could use to make her one of the most powerful healers in the game and pull away some of the sway that WarCraft currently has over the support role.


EDIT: It looks like the Medic is on her way to the Nexus afterall!!


Now guys, comment and tell me what units from StarCraft characters would you like to see added? Give me your thoughts on the Sultry Medic too!

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