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Wednesday Random TV Recall

Last week on WRTR we explored the world of Ghost Writer . This week I'm going with another of my favorite PBS shows. (I promise next week I'll pick a different station...or maybe a movie...we'll have to wait and see.)


Last week I was really surprised at how many of you knew Ghost Writer, so I'm hoping you know this little gem: Where In the World Is Carmen Sandiego?

Let's be honest here. This show taught me geography. I had no interest in the world around me when I was younger. It was probably the whole sheltered, country thing, but I was clueless of the world outside of the east coast of the USA.

Carmen Sandiego made me look up things about countries and cities and people...in encyclopedias. (I'm old.) :)

I took to saying the word "Gumshoe" a lot.

I was a susceptible kid, so what? Wanna fight about it?


But the fondest memory of the show were the songs. And one song in particular caused quite a stir at my house.

Did you listen to it? They said "Damn!" On PBS! And it proves zombies have been cool for like ever.


My sister and I would sing that song constantly. And my mom would always yell at us, but it was PBS and PBS was good for children, right? Only we could never convince her that is was OK, and eventually we got paddled and sent to our room...where we continued to sing the song. :)

Anyway, that's all for WRTR this week.

Join us next week for another show (or movie?) no one remembers.

And make sure to go to TAYClassic gumshoes! There is an actually zombie jamboree there! And they don't give a damn if you're dead already!

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