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Wednesday Random TV Recall- Last Time With Movies

If you know that picture, then you are my hero. Well, maybe not my hero, but you're definitely cool.

Anyway, welcome to WRTR for this week. I'm going to keep last week's format for this week, so basically here is the movie.


Now go watch it if you haven't it. I'll wait...

Yes, another classic! And it has Norman Reedus, pre-ass-kicking-crossbow-wielding-zombie-killing monster. In this he is an ass-kicking-gun-toting-scum-killing monster. And it's wonderful!

So here is your mission, should you choose to except it. Give me your favorite quotes from The Boondock Saints.

Here's mine.


I say it all the time during football season. :)

And for extra credit again, my husband's favorite. (The rope one. You're killing my Kinja. You're killing me.)


And while you're quoting away, head over to TAYClassic. They are over there looking for some rope. Help them out, would you. :)

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