It was 1994. I was 14, and starting to really be a teenager: rebelling, noticing boys, and wishing I could live without my parents. And then Camp Nowhere appeared. And I spent the next few years living vicariously through these other teenagers.

So here is the story of Camp Nowhere, for those that haven't seen the movie. (And really, why haven't you all seen this?!) A teenager, tired of going to lame summer camps, decides to take his camp money and a camp by himself...and a few friends. In order to accomplish this, they invest in Christopher Lloyd to pretend to be a counselor for the camp. Hilarity ensues. Go watch it! It's awesome.

Also, if that didn't convince you, a young Jessica Alba is in it.

Not really in a big part, but she's there. If that's your thing. I also didn't know about her until today.


So what? You want to fight about it?

(Now upgraded to gif form.)

So, now that we are at the end of the post, I will apologize for forgetting about this series last week. No one noticed? Well then, I totally wrote one last week! Not gonna work now? Huh... :P


So what would you do if you could go to Camp Nowhere?

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