I'm really feeling it!

So here we are again. It's Wednesday and I've picked another movie out of my...ummm...head? This week I'm changing things up. Mostly because I have been consumed with Animal Crossing and cosplay, and also because I'm getting kinda tired of trying to think of things. So instead of picking something no one knows, I'm picking something I hope everyone knows.


Have you seen this movie? No? Go watch it. Now! I'll wait...

*Hour and a half later*

Is that not one of the best movies EVER? I know! Glad to help you out there. :P

Anyway, if you've seen it, you know that it's awesome. You also know it's coming true more and more everyday. Want proof? Here.

That commercial always reminds me of this.


So here is your mission, should you choose to except it. Give me your favorite quote from Idiocracy.

I'll start.


And for extra credit, my husband's favorite. (The Justin Long one down there. Kinja messing up my layout again.)


So quote away! And while your looking up kick-ass Idiocracy quotes, head over to TAYClassic. They are over there talking about money and sex.

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