I'm really feeling it!

I recently discovered a Twitter account whose description is as follows.

What if everyone in Springfield was an Otaku!?!?

It’s such a simple description and yet opens up so many possible doors. Thus, I wanted to share this amazing account with you all. For disclaimer, this is not my Twitter. I wish I was as clever as this guy, believe me. I just love these comics and wanted to pass the joy along.


I feel this way sometimes at conventions

I feel like this could be a real scene from the show and the characters could not be said to be out of character.


Once again, I miss Phil Hartman.


We all know it’s OVA

Last but not least the first tweet I saw that got me to follow this account.


I will say that some of his jokes can be a bit obscure and a bit on the deep end. But he usually balances that out with some more mainstream jokes. If you like anime or the Simpsons, I suggest checking this account out, there are a good number of tweets already posted and he seems to be posting regularly.

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