I'm really feeling it!

Weekend Hangout Place

Something something TAY Classic. Something something welcome everybody to TAY. Something something Kotaku's user blog.

Hey everyone. Lazy T here (totes mah new gangsta name, fo' sho), just chilling on dis fiiiiine Sat mornin'. How y'all be today? And Jesus Christ, forget I said any of that >.>


Welcome to the Weekend Hangout. My new version of the Weekend Forum (AKA The Weekender). And by that I mean, it's really not all that different. Just figured giving it a new name might get more attention. That, and also the fact that HOLY SHIT IS THAT A CAT? *points*

See? Works every time, like a charm!

Anyways, yea, weekends. Fun stuff. Pretty much everyone's gone during the weekends, so if you're stray and lost and confused, it's OK. Uncle TUT will be there for you with his open arms and rusty van in the background, waiting for you! :D

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