Talk about literally anything. I'm hijacking the weekend thread on no one's authoriTAY but my own! Mwahahaha! Today is the first day of a much-deserved Yule vacation. No, not Christmas - it's Yule, and if you politically correct elitists want to call it something generic like "Christmas", then, well, you just plain hate America!

I'll be going out to Ikea shortly to buy a curio for my Gundams and trinkets. Soon, I will have the mid-20's male equivalent of a Precious Moments figurine collection, and nobody will stop me! >:D I have several large projects I wanna get done during this two-week break, including re-arranging my apartment, crossing my fingers for some solid snow so I can go snowshoeing around Collingwood or Orillia, and making a serious bid to get on the ballot for the next Canadian federal election in my hometown riding of Sarnia-Lambton (seriously!).

So what about you, beautiful members of TAY? My TAYlicious brethren? My MighTAY Ducks of Anaheim? What have you got planned? Do you have a holiday vacation? Any death rays in the works? Any games you plan on blowing through over the next few days? Do tell, lads and ladies!

This is PyramidHeadcrab, wishing you a magical holiday season. May the Yule Goat look upon your ritual animal sacrifice with mercy and respect. :D