I'm really feeling it!

Hello everyone! TheUnfathomableTruth here, host of this weekend's Open Forum, and possibly Mondays, because Dyram might still be out . . . even if he pops up here to mess around with us, despite "being too busy to post his stuff".

Anyways, the topic for this weekend is . . . wait for it . . . spooky anecdotes :D Hence the title image. I would've gone with something less Romantic than The Nightmare, but all the ghost pictures on Google sucked, or weren't large enough >:I


See? Not spooky.

Ahem- So, yea. Spooky anecdotes. Ironically enough, I haven't had many paranormal encounters, so I don't have anything exciting . . . Well, except maybe this one time I was cooking myself some dinner, and suddenly I hear a door slam in the master bedroom. I go and check it out, and there was nobody/thing there. I come back to my kitchen, and all of the pantry doors are wide open O.o But that's about it ^^ So what about you guys? Got anything cool to share?

And I said spooky stories, not painful stories, ok? You can go and share those in TAY Classic. Bonus points to whoever got that reference :P

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