I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Hello everyone! Once again, TheUnfathomableTruth here, presenting you all with the weekend Open Forum! Honestly, I really did this last minute ^^; It's two am, and I just barely got home. Geez, 30 replies, huh? Looks like I got quite a bit of work to do on Sunday :I I'd go through them right now, but I seriously need to get some sleep, since there's an event at 9 >.<


So, you're prolly wondering why Psycho-Pass' cyberpunk Japan skyline is the title image, right, well, the topic for today is, what game/anime/movie/whatever city or town or place would you like to live in? Me, I love me them cyberpunk mega-cities :3 I mean, I bet living in such densely populated urban areas has its own issues, but could you imagine seeing all those skyscrapers light up at night? Just look at all those lights :D Also, there's the slight chance I could afford a high-end cyberbody, and totally jump off those things like a badass >:D

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