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Weekly Backlog Check-In!

I've decided that it would be a good idea, as the current backlog-reducing guy, to try to rope everyone else into one big check-in each week, to see how people are doing and to either further discussion of how to reduce a backlog, how to start going through it, what games you're currently playing and how you feel about them IN THE NOW.

So I'll go first! I've been playing Bioshock Infinite since it came out on Tuesday and I'm very much enjoying it. However, what I'd like to talk about is how convoluted the process was in getting my Season Pass to work with the PC version (yes, I bought a boxed Steam code with some discs included).


See, I thought it'd be a great idea to pick up the Season Pass because I have a great deal of store credit at GameStop from liquidating my multi-platform 360 games (which have nearly all been repurchased for PC) and so I just went whole hog and got the game there as well. What I didn't realize is that GameStop gives you your PC Season Pass as a code on the receipt...and the code is for their own GameStop App. So in order to redeem it, I had to first download their app, which is on an entirely lower level than Origin or GFWL let me tell you. After putting the code into that app, I was then told to go to the My Games tab and it would show after refreshing it...except the whole My Games tab just showed a blank page. Tried quitting/restarting, this and that, followed every suggestion they had on the website, nothing worked. Even posted in their forums about the problem. I still don't know what caused it because 12 hours later, it just worked. I grumbled that it took too long and then pressed the install button...which gave me some random files and a location so I installed it where it wanted and then I had no idea if it worked or what. Look in Steam, nope not registered there or anything. So I go back into the app and there's a play button, so I press that. Aaaaand it then just gives me a Steam key for the Season Pass. What.

This is one of those situations where there's just too much obfuscation going on and trying too hard to get people in bed with your own brand when it's clearly not only not wanted but is also ridiculously confusing for the consumer and doesn't even match your own practices elsewhere in the purchasing of that product.

Now, if any of you have fun stories about the games you're currently playing, either about the game itself or stuff surrounding it in the real world, go for it.

However, with April coming up very shortly, I propose something like the Four in February idea, which I will keep track of as people post each week. I'm not sure what to call it going with the only alphabetical/numerical match for April gives me Eight in April and I don't think people will go that far (I probably will, I have vacation).


So what say you people? Interested? Share away!

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