I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Weekly Backlog Check-In: Celebratory Edition!

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It's over. Again. Again. The backlog I mean. It's finished. Soul Hackers went down in quick fashion for an SMT game (about 20 hours for the main game) and just as a small hint, when you get a choice between two routes in a certain dungeon and you take the right path instead of the left and you beat that boss, it makes the final boss much easier if you then have all phys repel demons. Just saying.


So...what now then? How do I really have a backlog? Well, as I've said before, I compartmentalize my backlog. More modern games always come first, particularly if I've paid full price for them. So now is as good a time as any to begin really reaching back to stuff I've always wanted to play. And I think I'll start on the Saturn with Albert Odyssey. Originally released for the SNES but never released in the US, it was later ported to the Saturn, where Working Designs was nice enough to finally bring it to western shores. I've always wanted to play it. And now I will! Right after I 100% New Super Mario Bros U, which is kind of a celebratory thing to me.

I also just want to say that Flight of the Parabeetles can go suck the big one. Getting that last star coin is pretty hard.


Looking ahead to the future, I don't have any new releases to pick up until May 21st when RE: Revelations HD comes out, which isn't even a new game to me since I bought it on release for 3DS, but I'm happy to double dip if it means supporting the best RE game since 4 and honestly one of my favorite games in the whole RE series. Beyond that (just beyond) is Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, which again, I've already played but it's a really fantastic platformer and I love them a lot so again, happy to jump back to the well.

THEN we start getting the new games. Grid 2, Remember Me (I haven't watched more than the original trailer for it, know nothing about it and I'm keeping it that way. I'm literally going in just knowing the basic concept and zero else), Last of Us, Project X-Zone and Game & Wario round out May to June.


And speaking of June, I have a large thing planned. I have vacation from the 8th-19th and I'm going to spend at least two days playing a ton of classic games on my stream. And when I say classic, I don't just mean the big guns that everyone knows. We're talking classics to me. A celebration of games and happy times! Indeed, it will be a 48 hour gaming marathon. As we get closer to that appointed time, I'll go into a bit more detail and possibly get a donation thing going as well, though I don't expect anyone to donate at all haha. But who knows. The only incentive I'm likely to make is if it goes over a certain amount of money ($100?) I'll continue playing past the 48 hour mark. So you could see a 72 hour gaming marathon from one person. Obviously there'll be a few breaks for food/bathroom here and there but I promise they'll be short. It'll be great!

So, what games have you completed? Have any projects that you're focusing on instead? TELL ME.

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