I'm really feeling it!

That's just the price I pay for being a day late. The reality is that I was kind of busy yesterday. Aaaaanyway. Let's go over what's been finished over the past week. Seeing as I don't have an actual backlog now, this kind of just becomes a list of stuff I played through recently. But whatever. We keep this up because it's a support group. New consoles are coming and apparently they don't play your old games so it'd be a good idea to catch up on the backlog for whichever one you're going to jump to next. Let's go!

Star Trek: Why yes I did play what is listed as the fourth worst game so far this year as said by metacritic. $2 at redbox for 5-6 hours of painfully bad "game" with great voice acting. How weird. Within one level of this "game" I had already encountered an enemy running at me backwards and screaming DON'T DON'T DON'T DON'T DON'T. He was also unkillable and none of the checkpoints would trigger so I had to restart the level. Fun times. And then there was the part with the swimming where apparently Kirk can't swim back down (unless there is some arcane mixture of buttons I didn't manage to press) and instead he just started floating on top of the water. Then he went through a wall and fell back through the world into the water so all was well.


Also Kirk calls in an airstrike from the Enterprise. Yeah.

Mega Man 10: I actually played 2 (on Difficult of course), 3 and 4 as well but 10 is still technically new enough that I'll list it as the key title there. Got myself a buster only playthrough and an under 1 hour playthrough so yeeeaaaah. The music is a bit hit/miss but the weapons are extremely useful all over the place and it's just a great MM game in general.

ZombiU: I really think this is the best horror game we've had in a very long time. Especially on Survivor Mode. It's just incredibly tense, even though I already knew what was coming. They do give you plenty of guns eventually but the scarcity of ammo really makes you question whether some of them are worth it (especially the sniper rifle, pretty sure I never found more ammo for it?). Really fun and definitely better than certain reviews would make you think.

Albert Odyssey: I was already halfway through it as of last week and so I soldiered on. And I mean soldiered on because the game is incredibly linear. There's only ever one way to go and while you can walk back to the last town, there's no reason to. It's pretty much just like FF13 in that it's only towards the end of the game that you can freely do stuff...except Albert Odyssey has less extra stuff to find. Also it has incredibly long boss fights. But still, classic RPG, I always wanted to play through it and I did. And it was fun. Great soundtrack.


So...what now? Well, I bought a copy of Mario Sunshine. And I still need to 100% NSMB U. There are games coming out in the somewhat near future (Resident Evil Revelations HD, Grid 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D all being this month) but that still gives me like two weeks to just play whatever so those two Mario games are probably going to be my main targets. Beyond that, I've been getting my skills back in shape for my marathon in June. That's basically what the Mega Man games were for. I've got at least a few NES games in there, some of which are considered quite hard and I'd like to be able to not just die repeatedly to them haha.

Speaking of the marathon, it's slowly coming into shape and I'll give it its own post with a schedule and all that in the coming weeks but I don't expect to get too much support from it honestly. My highest viewer count is 5 and I was two of them so haha. We'll see though. Perhaps we'll see some retweets and things to get it moving.


So what have you guys done? Get anything done?

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