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May's pretty much in the bag, folks! Here we are on the verge of June, looking into the summer's releases. But how did you do with what you had? Did you enjoy it? That's really all that matters. But still, let's go over what we've enjoyed eh?

Resident Evil: Revelations HD - I still feel like RE:R has the best mix of old and new RE and really gels well. It basically keeps the investigating and finding keys but without going completely overboard on the contrived traps while fitting it into the growing worldwide threat that RE was building towards for so long. It's also essentially the origin story for the BSAA and leads right into RE5 so if you want to see the whole series history, fit it in between RE4 and 5.


The game itself is about 10 hours long even with knowing most of what you're supposed to do so really searching through stuff might take you longer but it also has Raid Mode on top of that and that's like...massive. Basically the whole game, broken up into stages, but now with co-op, treasure chests, leveling, a shop between stages where you can spend accrued money on new weapons. And it even has some special stuff all on its own. Different characters with different abilities and all that. Lots of good stuff for everyone.

GRID 2: I'm in the final season of GRID 2, which makes it sound like a short game but it is anything but. I'm looking at 12.7 hours so far in Steam and that's just doing the main single player stuff. And it'll probably take me another couple of hours to get through the remaining 7 events (each with 3 races, various types of each) and 4 promo events. But this leads into my only problem with the game which is that it's actually too long. Or maybe that the tracks aren't memorably introduced or shown off so I don't really have any affinity for when they have me race on them so it feels drawn out? If that makes any sense.

That said, the game is absolutely gorgeous, it controls great and outside of certain types of events I don't like that much (Endurance is kind of dumb, Face Offs are often not enjoyable to me), it's a ton of fun. I can't really ask much much from it. I do think Dirt 3 had better presentation though, but GRID 2 is by far the prettiest game Codies has ever made.

Seriously though, tracks in racing games need some way for them to be memorable. Realistic racing games have kind of a large problem with that, either because they have no original music to back them up (seeing as most racing games like that either have no music during races or it's all randomized licensed stuff) or because they have no real defining features and aren't introduced strongly enough. "That one track with the annoying W turn section" isn't the best way for people to remember your stuff. But I can sure as hell remember Maple Treeway from Mario Kart Wii just by music or the knowledge of its shortcuts or by the way it looks.


Oh, and the announcer guy is really creepy and wrong very often. I'm 27 seconds ahead and I get "okay, you're about even with the rest of the pack." WHAT. In what magic land is that "about even?" I had the fastest lap in a time attack by 15 seconds and the game tries to tell me that I have to push it faster if I want to win. Huuuuh. He also has some really goofy lines that just come across as douche-y but whatever.

In any case, I'll finish the game tonight most likely and it'll be ~14 hours well-spent.


Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - this right here is one of the best platformers. I don't need to go past that point with it or attach some other qualifier. It's just one of the best. And like no one played because oh no, you had to do a quick shake of the Wiimote, as though you don't just get used to it after a stage like with any other controls. Anyway, enough of that, you can now use buttons to play the whole thing and despite the whiners on neogaf, the framerate not being 60fps doesn't affect the game at all. It's still gorgeous, still plays phenomenally and the stage design is up there with the greats. It can also be incredibly hard if you pick Classic Mode. New Mode eases things a bit with more health and other new items to use but I'd stick with Classic.

Beyond that, I've been adding to my Virtual Console libraries as of late. The Oracle games, Mega Man X, the GnG games, the Kirby games, etc. Nintendo's really cracking on these deals and I hope it keeps up. I also hope they release Earthbound on VC during E3. Just like oh hey, at the end of this Nintendo Direct, Earthbound is now available. Games look fantastic on the GamePad and they look great on my HDTV as well outside of certain text.


I've also solidified the schedule for my upcoming marathon (which we're only like two weeks away from eeeeeeek) and if you'd like to take a peek, you can check it out here: MARATHON SCHEDULE

Go on and tell me what you think. The time stamps on things are really exaggerated as I don't think it'll take me a full hour to beat the robot masters in each of the MM games or even take that long to beat a lot of things but it's in there just to give some extra breathing room. I fully plan on having games to insert in as needed. Super Punch-Out's always ready, Sunset Riders is always a great time, Crazy Bus can annoy for a few minutes. The whole thing should be a lot of fun.


SO, how did you do for the month? The week? The day? This hour? Are you in the middle of playing now? Did I interrupt? SO SORRY TO INTERRUPT.

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