I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Weekly Backlog Check-In: Post Backlog Edition

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Remember me? From last week? And all those other weeks? Yeah, bad segue. Sort of anyway because it's at least topical for me.


So, in the last week, what has been done with the backlog? Well, I don't have one, for starters. I just have whatever my newest game is now. And that was Injustice thanks to Toys R Us's $35 sale on it. Jumped on the Wii U version and I've been quite happy with it. Got through the story mode which, while decent, has nothing on Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3's insanely well-done story mode. Still, there are other things to do with the game like the various Battles and trials and all that. I'll jump back to it whenever.

Speaking of that Naruto game, I traded that in to Amazon this last week due to it still having a $37.20 trade-in value and their deal where you get $20 more in credit if it's worth more than $20. So I got $57.20 for a game that I got for free from Target's b2g1 sale a while back. Which was then applied to Remember Me, which I know very little about and I'm going to keep it that way. For $2.80, I think I can take a chance on a brand-new game. I at least know it involves Neo Paris and mind hacking, two phrases that make me instantly drool no matter the application. That said, I had full plans to get Remember Me anyway so getting it for so little is kind of a cupcake made of pure icing. Deliciousssss.


I also decided that I needed to have Mario Sunshine because I am kind of dumb and didn't own it previously. Well I did but I owned it when I didn't have a job so as you can imagine I didn't own it for very long. Reason behind picking it up now is that even if it gets a Wii U VC release, it can't play the same due to the Wii U not having a controller with pressure-sensitive triggers. So I found a guy who was selling it in "like new" condition and it's complete so we'll see if he's telling the truth or not. If so, $30 well spent. If not, well, as long as the game works that's okay but he'd got some bad feedback.

Also also, I was playing Albert Odyssey. I still am. I'll talk about it more once I'm finished with it (I just hit the half way point). It's quite a funny game though.

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