I'm really feeling it!

So, you all saw the news right? That's kind of insane. Earthbound, a LttP sequel that's even using that game's original art style, the Oracle games finally having a release date, a real release date for Pikmin 3, Bravely Default, M&L3, Luigi U, etc, etc, etc, it's kind of crazy. Makes me excited for what they have planned for the Wii U later on too. Good stuff.

Now, that said, we need to think about the current times. Or rather, the PS1/Saturn times in my case because now I'm playing Soul Hackers. But first let's go over what I completed in the last week!


Lego City Undercover - aside from Sleeping Dogs, this might be my favorite open world game in a really long time. There is so much to do, so much great humor, fantastic music and the places you go are actually pretty fun to look at too. And that final section of the game is actually visually pretty incredible. And it's in a Lego game. Like what.

Scribblenauts Unlimited - I bought this when it came out, put it on the shelf for all the other games I had at the time. Finally got around to playing it aaaand had a pretty good time I'd say. I figured out the backpack glitch and uh, kind of broke parts of the game but aside from that it was just kind of an easy breezy beautiful color puzzle game. Nothing strenuous, which is kind of nice every now and then I think.

As for Soul Hackers, I'm not far into it but it's pretty clearly a PS1 era RPG. I say that in the best way. It's been cleaned up pretty significantly with lots of new features and things that make it more palatable to those not introduced to RPGs until more recent times but it retains a certain flavor of the era that's pretty unmistakable for many of us. Battles also move extremely fast and the voice acting has been quite strong so far. It's making me really excited for SMT4, which I already have preordered.

So what say you, Kotaku? What have you completed this last week? Nothing? Anything? Gained some ranks in some game? Don't let me down ;_;

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