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Ah, another week, another triumph. We play our games and the world keeps turning. Hmm. Plays, Played, Will Play. So answer away!

Personally, I finished another two games within the last week. Let's go over them eh?


Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - I pretty much went over this last week but this one's pretty ehhhhhh. To the point where I wouldn't recommend it to really anyone. Incredibly grindy, tons of misplaced ideas, tons of pointless tasks, tons of technical problems. Its only saving graces are really nice art, the script (which gets old by the third time every character says they're afraid of Iris Heart) and the music, which is partially done by Nobuo Uematsu of all people.

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 - keeping with the anime on this one, I guess. I got this for free as part of Target's buy 2 get 1 sale since they didn't have Lego City in-stock at the time and only one copy of the other two games I wanted so I just went with it. Figured hey, I've never seen most of the manga actually animated so why not. It was a pretty good choice as it turns out. The story mode is incredibly well-done, very lengthy and is essentially the anime done with in-game graphics and quite frankly better animation than the actual animated version. CyberConnect2's skills with cutscene direction are second to none and the actual gameplay is still pretty solid as well.

The odd thing though, is the title screen. It's...so fantastic. It's such a pretty song and such a pretty scene that it reminds me of what I wanted Naruto to be when it first started something like 10 years ago, something that the first ending theme to the show, Wind pushed into me. But obviously it went the usual shounen manga route, which is fine too depending on your mood. I've never been one to hate on something just because it got popular and Naruto's always been at least a pretty fair shounen read. So hey, if you want to see the manga animated but without all the filler, pick it up. It's pretty good.

And man, that character select screen when you finish story mode. Ridiculous.

Now, as for what's next, well, this finishes my PS3 backlog. The 360 was done a while ago, the 3DS was finished with Luigi's Mansion 2, and now the PS3's over. The only things left are the Wii U and Vita and the Vita only because I bought Guacamelee yesterday or I'd have nothing on that too. So what do I have left?



Wii U:Lego City Undercover, Scribblenauts Unlimited and ZombiU (which I STILL haven't finished for some reason)


It's all just an illusion though as Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers will show up sometime around the 22nd and that's my new target when it arrives. I imagine I'll get through the four aforementioned games pretty easily by that point.

In other news, I'm looking to do a 48 hour gaming marathon, streamed on twitch during my vacation in June. It'll be all over the place in terms of what I play from Mega Man to Mame stuff to GBA to N64 and anything else I can think of. I'll do commentary on whatever's played and all that jazz. I'll make an actual post about it when things get closer though.


So? Plays, played, will play.

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