Well this week's comic review is somewhat interesting, because it was such a good week in comics I had a really difficult time choosing which was the most interesting of the week. Between Batman #21, Guardians of the Galaxy #3, and Superman Unchained #1 (which really surprised me because I thoroughly dislike Superman, but that's another discussion) All three of these were good enough to warrant me writing a review for them on any other week, but they all came out at once and I have to choose one. Although, maybe I shouldn't be surprised because Scott Snyder wrote two of these and he's amazing! There were some runner ups this week as well, Savage Wolverine #6 was interesting and kind of sort of continuity free, it has spidey in it, but I don't think he's superior spidey? or maybe he's acting? It looks like a fun and bloody comic though, but not up to the level of the others this week. Astonishing X-men was also really interesting as we start to see Bobby's mind fracture, I think the art was too weak and it's just the set up issue, but the storyline has potential.

The story starts six years into the past, pre-New 52 continuity so it's neat to see all of the origins for everyone, but smartly Snyder doesn't tell you who's who or what's going on six years ago, but rather drops the reader directly into the situation at hand, and shows what's going on with all of these characters and what Bruce is up to sans exposition. The story really feels brisk and entertaining because of this. Plus the city seems to be in a total disarray when we first see it in the opening pages. I'm guessing all this will be explained later because it then flashes back to an even earlier time. Red Hood plays a prominent role in this issue and is handled well, the issue also deals with some of the major players from Snyder's run on Batman, particularly the Kane family. There is also a really cool reveal at the end of the issue that sets up some neat conflicts for the rest of the arc.

As always Greg Capullo draws a fantastic batman and an even better Bruce, I just love his style and it seems to just fit Snyder's writing style so well, if anything this is the best looking book that DC is putting out on the stands. Really enjoying the angrier Bruce in the story as well, the death of his parents is much fresher here and it shows through in both the art and the dialog. Great read overall.



What comics did you guys like this week? (I enjoyed a whole ton and would love to talk shop about some of the others that hit the stands this week as well) Looking forward to any of next week's comics?