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Weekly Comic Review - Green Arrow #22

Yup, it's another week of Comics reviews! This week's comics were some seriously slim pickings. So, while I've been trying to avoid writing about the same series twice, so closely together, Green Arrow #22 was the most interesting read this week. I'm loving what Jeff Lemire has done with this series ever since coming on in issue #16. The art can be a bit iffy in the faces at times which is a shame because overall the book has a very gritty noir vibe to it that I love. But seriously Fyff has like a super distorted face in a bunch of panels this issue and Nyna too. (What kind of names are those?! It takes me out of the story a bit when I read them, which kinda sucks, but oh well)

This issue has some serious twists going on in the plot department and really packs a punch for those who have been reading the series since Lemire joined as the writer. The comic is really building a supporting cast for Ollie, which in my book is essentially why the series is so interesting again. Count Vertigo is the villain in this issue, as may be evident by the cover :P He's a little out of place here and they don't do a great job of explaining why he's even there. It's also his first appearance in the New 52 and his powers get one of the coolest panels in comics I've seen in a long while. (It's the header image, btw) I really like the supernatural bend this series has had over the last few issues and the focus on Ollie's past and his father's dealings. It differentiates Green Arrow from being Batman in green, well ever since his political agenda was wiped in the reboot that is. Some of the pacing in the issue is a bit weird. The issue skips to a later point in time, by a few weeks is my guess, from the previous issue and then moves very quickly over the explanation of why they are in some castle in Latvia. It has some interesting points in the explanation, and a very noir vibe to it, I just wanted more time spent on it, but it's a nitpick really.


I'm glad to see that Green Arrow is getting some quality work in the comics, he hasn't seen much of a popularity spike though. Some new readers have come in from the show Arrow I imagine, but that version of Green Arrow is vastly different and is represented with the Arrow digital comic, which is really good all by itself. Mark Guggenheim does some quality work with it as a companion to the show. I hope that some of the issues going forward are addressed though. It has some uneven pacing early in the book and Vertigo's appearance isn't really explained yet. The cliffhanger however was enough to get me salivating for next month's release.


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