I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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This is where you can share two pieces of your favorite videogame or movie music each weekend.


Hi everyone, I am PsychoSmiley... I have just been given authorship, which is pretty damn cool ! I am trying my best to screw up, just joking! Anyways, since I am a huge, HUGE fan of gaming and movie music, and even work as a music critic, I want to start a weekly Music Thread where I will share two themes every friday, one from videogames and the other from movies. Also, since it is the weekend, try to wind down and listen to the entire music tracks that people recommend over the weekend, yes that is right, feel free to recommend your favorite video-game and movie music, I don't mind if it is a song either, just remember to name your track and game. However, to keep it simple, nominate only two per week, they can both be from games, movies or one from each. So below are my picks for this week... Enjoy!


The Final Gate by Olivier Deriviere from ALONE IN THE DARK

The first thing that stands out about this amazing track is the use of Bulgarian Voices. It keeps the tension up from the beginning till end, all the whilst, keeping memorable with resonating melodies.



Iron Man Main Theme by Brian Tyler from IRON MAN 3

This theme is pretty much a throwback to the old generation of superhero themes with a heroic and vibrant mixture of string and brass work. Brian Tyler has managed to attain one very important thing through all this, memorability!


Now go ahead, listen to them and share your favorites!

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