I'm really feeling it!

Weekly Want: TheUnfathomableTruth Edition

I'm like, 100% sure it's a bad idea to get on the bad side of the admins on here, but please hear me out before banning me for jacking this column. Hehe. So, Odin for whatever reason didn't post his column this week, and I've been dying to share this, and well, you know, I wanted... I wanted to share it... I'm sorry. But hey, if it's cool with GBD, I get to stay, right Odin? :D We're friends, right, GBD? :D

Anyways, I was browsing around, looking at stuff I can't buy any time soon, and HOLY CRAP KOTOBUKIYA'S RERELEASING THE GHOST IN THE SHELL JIGABACHI xD *Squeeee* I mean, look at it! It's awesome, huh? It even comes with these tiny Tachikomas :3


Ok, I got that out of my system ^^ So, what about you guys? Have anything you might want?

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