I'm really feeling it!

Spring Semester 2014 at its 1st week seems fine but I hope it wouldn't be difficult. Medical Terminology seems intent on kicking my ass with flashcards, while English 102 is sniffing my fear of making mistakes in whatever I write or speak of.

Since the YuGiOh! Trading Card Game now has separate banlists (What/how much you can or cannot play in sanctioned tournaments) for here in the West and in Japan, I've found that the upcoming Japanese banlist has more freedom alongside crazy antics and honors a favorite TCG deck from back in 2008-09.

Finally watched the new Kamen Rider Gaim 14... The Urobutcher's back in town. He finally killed off a Rider. Though I would have preferred Hase (the killed newbie Rider) to have died off sooner.


Well, it's MLK weekend, I'll enjoy building the last parts of the HG Double X and drink hot chocolate!

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