I'm really feeling it!

If you would rather listen to this post, then you may do so. However, I prefer you to treat it as a sing-a-long. Minus the singing. But sing regardless.


Ladies and gentlemen of the TAY. Welcome ... To my voice. That's right, gang. I, General McFist come to you live, via Soundcloud — which, uh ... isn't really live at all. Doesn't matter. I come to you today, bearing my handsome, brazenly rugged voice to announce, unto you all, my new column. Which is almost like my last series of posts. But it's different in the fact that it's new. I bring to you — MASCULINI-TAY! Doesn't that sound delightful. Here, I'll give you five seconds to bask in its glory. Doesn't that just make your inside-y parts quiver in a way that they shouldn't? Me too. Maybe this was a bad idea ... wait — no. No. Who do you think you are?! Waltzing on in to MY recording and letting me berate myself!

What is Masculini-TAY? Well, dear friends and non believers, it is a series full of real stories from real people about real events that never happened. Or did they? That's for you to decide. Each column, I will feature a prompt, and it's up to you, the reader/writer to create a grandiose story, fact or fiction, that works with the prompt given. There will be a couple limitations to your storytelling. It must feature you as the protagonist, (I don't care if the story was really about how your friend did something. Eliminate him or her! YOU are the hero now!), and must be set in modern times. I want it to be believable, within reason!

Post your stories in the comments for the column, or if you rather hide them from people, so if your story wins it will be completely new to people, save from myself, post them on my ConTAYct page, or email them to me. The winner will not only receive the title of being a winner, they will be posted at the top of the next column, and will also feature a dramatic reading by me, in one of my many voices. Some of them aren't as full of manliness as others, but just imagine Kermit yelling about slaughter. Glorious.

Following the winner's post, I will write about a video game and how it does masculinity right or wrong, and what I would've done to make it better. Then, a new writing prompt, for the next column, will be anounced. Then feel free to let your creative juices ... soak, or something not gross ... just write. God.


Think of Masculini-TAY as the 'Shop Contest for the Photoshop impaired. No longer will you be limited by a program, just your ability to ... say stuff.

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