I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Discord now has it’s very own bot. It can do:

~roll or ~roll 50 or ~roll 2d5 or ~roll 3d4+2

to roll a number between 1 and 100,write another number after the command ~roll 50 to limit the roll to 1-X,or write in ‘DnD’ style with or without final addition.


~8ball will i win the lottery?

your question will be answered, only works if you write something after the command like ~8ball will i win the lottery tomorrow? guaranteed fun for everyone!! 😆

~statsdisplays debug statistics so people can follow its progress.

~slash @userslash someone (requested by Anbu) (has 5min server-timeout after use)


~slash @userspank someone (requested by Anbu) (has 10sec user-timeout after use)

~cointhrows a coin, might result in heads or tails ~say I’m a stupid little ghost that will repeat just any nonsense :3 should be obvious what this does...


~choice a; b; c

lets the bot decide between some things, you have to provide at least 2 items, separated with ;can be text, users, or both... (useful to find out who’ll go first in some game)


~rule34 naruto or ~rule34 naruto 20

provides p0rn! can take any number of tags (minimum one) and if the last tag is anumber it will be used as a scrore filter (how many upvotes the image has)[user must be in group named ‘Bot Commander’]


~duel @user1 @user2

simulates a duel between two users (requested by Anbu)[user must be in group named ‘Bot Commander’]


~prune @user 20 or without filter: ~prune 20

removes the last X messages or from the last 20, what user x wrote.that doesn’t mean it removes the 20 last messages of that user, but ‘from the last 20’ remove ‘all that are from user x’[user must be in group named ‘Bot Commander’]


~serverinfo and ~userinfo @user

tells you hidden information about the server or a user[user must be in group named ‘Bot Commander’]


~mute @user, ~unmute @user

Mutes or unmutes a user, it deletes their messages when muted. Obviously the bot needs to have the neccesarry permissions, so thats the first thing you should check when it doesnt work![user must be in group named ‘Bot Commander’]


~mutechannel, ~unmutechannel, ~muteserver, ~unmuteserver

Those commands don’t mute people, they let the bot ignore channels or the whole server. This is useful if you want to get the ranking-benefits BooBot brings to your server, without all its commands, or if you just want to limit your users to use the bot in one channel.[user must be in group named ‘Bot Commander’]


Commands requested or planned already:~bet, ~giveaway, ~vote, ~trivia, ~ask, ~slowmode, ~r9kmode, ~muteuser,~mutechannel, ~prune, ~yiff, ~google, ~yt, ~wiki, command limiting...

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