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Good afternoon TAYers from the Atlantic Coast! and good morning/afternoon/evening to the rest of the World!

Welcome to TAY Time,your free Tea Timely-ish news round up, that will provide you some quick reads while you relax drinking your cup of tea (or coffee if that's what you are into), I will be your host for the inaugural post!

The people working for TAY Time understand that you have a hectic schedule, and the daily routine can be unforgiving, so we will post news, articles, or cool stuff from around the internet, (they don't have to be TAY related, nor gaming related news). Think about this post as a skimmed version of Astro's SunTAY Brunch!

There will also be a section called LetTAYrs from around the World, where you the reader will ask a question and we will try to answer in a timely manner, ask anything you want, wether you should buy a pet snake, or what's time it is over in China... any question the quirkier the better! So if you receive a notification that says "You have been selected!" then it means that your question will be featured for the next TAY Time edition!

Without further ado... Let's start our Tea Time ParTAY!


News round up!


Quote of the day.

Nowadays, people are always looking for consistency. Take, for example, a place lined up with nothing but bonsai trees. People would find it strange if there were suddenly a rose among them. But this MOTHER 3 WORLD of mine, including its logo, is the essence of inconsistency. If a child were to see Micky Mouse in Disneyland and tell me, "There's no such thing as mice that big!", I'd want to tell that child, "Of course there is, it's right there."


- Shigesato Itoi on the design of MOTHER 3 Logo and how he wanted it to reflect the changes of the world portrayed by the Nowhere Islands in the game.


Recommended Reading.

Cruise Elroy's (AKA Dan Bruno) blog post on the music created by the enviroment of Portal 2


Don't forget to comment on your views about this new column, whether should it stay or should it go, and pitch me some questions to be featured on any future post!

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