I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Open Forum: Who?

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Good morning, TAY. It’s me your long forgotten uncle who went on a business trip for a couple of years and never called to report in. I’m in a dire need of money so I’m going to be crashing at your place for the time being until I gather enough money to elope like the Huebirds of Happiness pictured above (at least I managed to tie in the picture with the intro to today’s OF).

I’ve stuck far from home (at my 2nd home) for the past couple of months. Which means I haven’t played a lot of games since most of my consoles are sitting some thousand of miles away collecting dust. Of all the games that I’ve been wanting to play, there’s one that I’ve been craving for the most.


There’s something about the Rhythm Heaven series that brings a certain kind of joy to my heart and not being able to play them (my 3DS circle pad is broken, hence why I can’t play the Megamix collection). Maybe it’s the cute art style by Ko Takeushi or the music by Tsunku, or maybe I just like rhythm games with made up rules a lot, the fact is... I can’t wait to go back home and fire up my DS and Wii to finally play and listen to some of my favorite games.

Today’s beat is topical:

  • Have you played any of the Rhythm Heaven games? If so what’s your favorite song?
  • What’s your favorite rhythm/music game?
  • Have you heard any new songs, TAY?

Today’s songs are not cut from the same kind of cloth:

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