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Hello all of TAY! Today your resident Wednesday Host is busy stuck in a load of work and such because Dave is a lazy good for nothing arse!


*AHEM* Anyways I have been asked to host for today so we’re going to cut to an easy topic today.

I just love E3 time of year. It is the time when there is the most buzz surrounding gaming culture and usually comes with people predicting what will come from their favorite developers or publishers.

As a resident of Southern California I love seeing the banners that they put up around town. Heck I just saw this really cool banner for Horizon Zero Dawn that sparked a conversation with my friends who aren’t gamers about why the military doesn’t put all their funding into mechasaurs...


On to the main topic: What do you like about the E3 time of year? Predictions? News? Cursing the heavens that E3 doesn’t ever leave LA and is mostly press only?

If you don’t want to talk about about this, then feel free to Talk Amongst Yourselves! or why the US military should pour all their funding into prehistoric future mass weapons of destruction....

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