I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Another mid-week has arrived and with it, thoughts on life. Okay, not really. I’m about to enter a busy period again starting next week. I need you all to keep me in your thoughts. As for games...We managed to get by last week where so many good things came out. I’m playing Link’s Awakening as a result. I also finished Untitled Goose Game which was fabulous.


But back to Link’s Awakening... I didn’t really remember too much about it. And worse, I only played it a few years ago too—maybe six or so? I don’t know if I’m loving it. I think it’s alright! It’s fun. The graphics are gorgeous but I’m just not enamoured as I think a lot of people are, and I don’t think I ever was. Still, I appreciate it as it’s well-made and most Zelda games just are.

Oh and I’m a crane game master. I love that thing so, so much.

Here are your suggested topics:

  • Have you ever replayed a game and completely forgot so much of it?
  • What’s a well-praised game that you’re just kinda ‘meh’ about?
  • What’s a great mini game from a game?
  • I want to watch Evil on CBS (I KNOW. CBS) but Michael Emerson is in it and I love him. Person of Interest was the best! Any fall shows or movies on your radar? What about all the talk of Joker?

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