We're giving Grand Theft Auto: Online another shot for Game Night on Wednesday, October 7th. Sign up for the Social Club here if you haven't yet. There is an off chance that we'll have to postpone it indefinitely since Rockstar servers are being pretty fickle lately. [More inside.]

I'm pretty hesitant to speak in certainties about this. Online has been out for almost a week, it's only been behaving one or two of those days. In fact, it just spent all weekend eating characters and data and refusing to work. With this in mind, if it's still acting up by tomorrow, I'll post a blip saying we're changing games, since I simply don't want to risk it. If that happens, we'll catch GTA:O on the next PS3 rotation (whenever that may be) and do Team Fortress 2 instead, since I'm eager to know if we can get that European population back in again if we add in more hats.

Also, I'd love to know if you think we should do anything special for Halloween for Game Night. Are there any sort of spooky games or games that are doing interesting "Halloween"-y events this year that you'd like to play?