I'm really feeling it!

We're going to PAX South!

A dream years in the making, now hours away.

Stalwart co-op compadre EBongo and I are packing our bags and heading slightly south from our normal Austin-area haunts to be a part of the inaugural PAX South in San Antonio this weekend!


We've wanted to make it to PAX for years now. What feels like forever ago, EB and I were standing around at a friend's kid's birthday party. He told me he had a list. It was a list of stuff that he wanted to do, but that he didn't have time for right this second. One item on the list was to play a MMO and really "just get lost in it." Do all the high-level raid stuff, stay up all night, max out our characters, and so forth.

The other big item on the list was that he wanted to go to PAX. I told him I was in. At that point, going to PAX meant Seattle or Boston. We started our little blog adventure with the goal of scraping together enough cash and a strong enough reason to fly to PAX some day.

When PAX South was announced, we both knew this was our chance! I booked the hotel ahead of the ticket sales, and bought tickets the minute they were available.

Since we're "totally legit professional games journalists, and not a front for the mafia, for real you guys" we took a shot at applying for press access. It took a few weeks, but they gave us a thumbs up!


What started as an off the wall idea, a "wouldn't it be nice if..." scenario, will become reality this weekend.


(Astute readers will note that these aren't press badges - we won't pick them up until Friday morning. These are the backups I bought in case the press pass fell through. The button is a super secret bit of decoration I'll be wearing on my lanyard... you'll have to find me to see it ;)

We're going to hit a few panels, visit a lot of booths, and play videogames like there's no tomorrow. He wants to see Gabe and Tycho "for reals," and my lifelong hero Mr. Sid Meier himself is going to be there.


I've been studying the list of exhibitors, and I have a massive spreadsheet of all the indie devs that are going to be there. I've got a pack full of snacks and every gadget I own stuffed into a backpack. Whatever happens, this is going to be epic.

As far as coverage goes, I don't know how we're going to document everything we see there. I hope to take a lot of notes and a lot of photos, but I don't know if I'm going to have time each day to sit down and bang out articles. That said, keep an eye on our "Core Gaming" feed, my Twitter, and this blog right here on TAY - we're going deep into indie territory and we're going to come back with gems for sure!


If you're going to the con, keep an eye out for EB and myself - we'll be wandering about with our avatars hung around our necks, so maybe you can pick us out of the crowd!

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