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We're Halfway There!

Two hundred and sixty-three articles, and we’re only halfway there.

When I started this event, I was worried that nobody would show up and I’d be doing the challenge on my lonesome. But before I knew it, 17 people, including myself, were signed up! And what’s more, most of you have been putting out stuff consistently, and all of you have been doing fantastic work with what you have written. Whether you’ve written three or thirty articles, I’m super proud of you, and you should be proud of yourselves and your fellow participants as well!


But I’ve also been hearing that a lot of you are having some trouble. Heck, I am too! Whether they be issues with motivation, distraction, busy schedules, or unexpected life events outside your control, I just want to say that I understand. The first time I tried this challenge, I made it to about a week, and then didn’t post anything for at least a month. After that, I might have made it to two weeks, then fell off again. As I was doing the challenge solo last year, this is the first time many of you are trying a writing challenge this long, and you’re putting me to shame in that regard! So even if you haven’t hit every day, or even week, don’t feel discouraged! While this challenge is a challenge for a reason, it should be fun, not a source of stress or disappointment with yourselves.

I know it’s probably weird hearing any advice from a 17-year-old, but I’ve also been really frustrated with seemingly not having enough time or skill or whatever to do things that my peers seemingly had no trouble with. But other people don’t have your schedule. They don’t have your specific experiences. And they don’t have your brain. Because of this, you might not be able to do exactly what “everybody else” is supposedly doing, but by the same token, there’s something that you can do that nobody else in the world can do quite the way you can.

So, as we cross the halfway point of SixTAY Days of Writing, I challenge you to write as much as you can without sacrificing your mental or physical health or other responsibilities. Whatever that means to you, I hope that you can finish strong. I know that this can be draining, and I’m feeling it just as much, but from someone who’s done it before, the feeling of finishing those 60 days is incredibly rewarding. You just have to make it there.

But as important as it is to think about the next month, it’s also important to look back on this past one. Click on “my posts” in the upper-right hand corner and skim through all the articles you’ve already written in the past 30 days. Don’t worry about how many are there. Just focus on what it took to write each article, how much of yourself you gave to each one, and some of the reception that those articles got. Some of you have wondered why you joined this challenge in the first place. To me, getting to share my love of video games (and now theater!) with other people and seeing them enjoy it, or even buy games or change their point of view because of something I wrote, is one of my favorite feelings in the world.


But that’s enough of me trying too hard to be inspiring. Let me know how your SixTAY Days of Writing journey is going in the comments below. Here are some possible topics: Favorite written article; favorite article by someone else part of the challenge; biggest difficulty; biggest improvement. You can even write an article about it, if you want! ;)

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