I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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I used to think Australia held the record for having some of the deadliest animals in the world. As it turns out, Australia's got nothing on TAY.

This week, you may have noticed that two members comprising the new species of the Just Evil Rogue Koalas Formerly known as Admins who are Cutthroat ExtraordinaireS, posted a Dating Game activity.


In all seriousness, over 400 comments later, it's safe to say we had a lot of fun on Tuesday and will continue to have a laugh for a long time to come over one of our finest moments in TAY history.

...Except after all that, I'm still single. What was any of that for? WHAT WAS THE POINT?!

I harbour no ill will though. This just reminds me that I don't need no stinking real world man!


Let's get down to some serious business, TAY.

Why would we need any of that when we've got all of this:


Look at that perfect, anime hair toss. Girl's got attitude and pantene shine for days. Some well-placed glittery beads of sweat to give it that extra hint of sparkle. And the eyes...! With the over the shoulder look and BAM! Instant crush.

And if you're not feeling her today, there's always this guy:


Just look at him. Silver hair, glasses... he also has a scythe (not pictured). Any of you fools out there got one of those? Huh? You got a sick sense of humour (some of you, yes)? Do you fall over in your chairs when you enter and/or leave a room? Do you teach people how to properly collect souls?! What's that? You don't?

Or you know, maybe none of that is your thing.

That's kewl, TAY.

Maybe you fancy something like these things. We're not here to judge you.

So let's call shenanigans on Dyram and GBD for having lured you in with pictures of Fire Emblem video game waifus and then failing you!!!!!


Let's keep this thread real...by posting pictures and descriptions of your perfect, fake anime and/or video game waifus and husbandos in the comments below.

  • Disclaimer: Zarnyx may or may not know the meaning of "serious". Ani-Tay, proceed to laugh, kick and point now while I go throw myself in some mud.
  • If you don't have silver hair, glasses and an evil disposition you need not apply. Go to TAY Classic instead to talk about life, video games and whatever you want. If you needed to know how TAY works (and the June issue of Anime Girls 101), TheUnfathomableTruth wrote up a guide.
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