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Wha-TAY-a Read'n?

Kupo! Er, I mean, hello everyone! I know we've got quite a few little communities going on here in TAY, ranging from game clubs to movie nights even to photography. But I haven't seen anyone post a thing about books yet! And that's a shame because I love books and reading. The feel of the paper, the smell of a new book, the weight of a hardback volume. I'll never transition to those e-readers. I'm firmly in the "let's continue killing trees!" category.

I'll admit that in the last handful of years I've slacked on reading quite a bit. I was an avid reader through Middle and High School, always carrying a book with me wherever I went. I tore through them pretty fast and was always getting more. I very rarely used the local library, in part because I actually worked there, but mostly because I preferred to own my books. I still own 90% of the books I've ever read, if not more. It means I have a lot of bookshelves in my home.


My reading time now consists of the couple hours I have each day while riding to and from work. I've been tracking my reading adventures on Goodreads for some time now, mostly as a tool to get recommendations on new books to read. I am even participating in an event where you post how many books you're going to read for the year and track the progress. I started out at 15 and bumped my number to 20 last month. I'll be finishing book 18 today and moving onto the next. I'll admit, twenty books in a year isn't that amazing, and I put all the blame on Les Misérables. It took me far too long to chug through wordy behemoth of a book mostly because Victor Hugo had a thing for going off on long tangents rather than progressing the story.

So, here I am with this post. I'm not trying to start a book club, but more or less another way to garner book recommendations and find out what my fellow TAY members are reading. I find the blurbs on Goodreads aren't always helpful, usually no more than what I'd find on the back cover of the book, and trust the opinion of people I know (or am at least acquaintances with) more than the people there. Perhaps once a month or so I'll do another post and share what I'm reading with the community.

What am I reading now? Currently I'm finishing up The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. This is the third book of the Robert Langdon series. You're probably more familiar with The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons which were made into movies starring Tom Hanks. I had seen the movies when they came out but had never read the books. I was quite surprised by the changes made from book to movie in both cases. A lot of details that could have been left in were omitted and in some cases characters were completely reworked. Like in most cases, they managed to turn the book into a movie that worked but I feel some of the charm of the books were lost. This third entry in the series is in the works for its own movie some time in the future, so I'm anxious to see just what they'll change this time around. When I finish this I'll be rounding out the series with Inferno, the fourth Robert Langdon adventure.


But after that's complete I'll finally be returning to my favorite series to emerge as of late. The Crown Tower by Micheal J. Sullivan, a prequel to his Riyria Revelations series. Micheal Sullivan is a brilliant author who self-published his series first in e-book format before it was picked up and released in trade paperback. It was recommended to me by my brother-in-law who described it as a fantasy "buddy-comedy-adventure" and I was hooked immediately. This prequel goes into detail as to how the pair of main characters from the original series were paired up. If it's anything like the first set of books I'm sure I'll be in for a good time.


So that's my reading schedule for the next couple weeks. All that's left for me to do now is ask again, what are you reading, kupo?

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