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What Are Your Favorite Horror Anime/Manga?

In honor of the news that Junji Ito was to work on Silent Hills (and won’t be anymore), I’ve been reading through Uzumaki. If you haven’t read it, you should! I think it really encapsulated what this guy is all about. Many people recommend Gyo (Including Guillermo Del Toro who said that it was the only thing he’s read that made him jump) but I prefer the overall creepy weirdness of Uzumaki to the “ERMAGERD!” of Gyo (although his creepy uncle at the end there.....).

Anyway, this train of Ito will stop eventually and since I’m usually about 10 years out of touch with anime and manga AND because it’s just about October and what the heck are we doing NOT talking about scary stuff already.....


What is your favorite Horror anime or manga? Or just share your favorite scary Gifs in the comments below!

Again, since I’m 10 years out of date; Mine’s Berserk!

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