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What Are YOUR Picks For Best PC Games?

Today, Kotaku reposted a list of games that are supposedly the best games available on the PC. It is, well, kind of a terrible list, which seems to have been written by people who would really rather not play on the PC all that much, so the only games they've looked into are games everyone knows about—mostly Valve and Blizzard games, with games like the megapopular Battlefield 3 or Mass Effect 2 as well. That's not to say there weren't good games on the list: XCOM and The Witcher 2, for instance, are some superb games, but surely we can come up with 12 or 13 games that are vastly superior, yeah?


And, like, sure. If you play on consoles, these are some of the best games you have at your disposal. But many of them are not some of the best games on PC, not by a long shot.

So, as I was sitting here, typing up my own list, I realized something: a bunch of people would think I'm an jerk if I posted my counterlist like it's the 'official' better list. If I'm going to post a list, I should totally get your input, right?

Plus, I realized something else: not everyone would agree with me that games like Starcraft and Half-Life 2 aren't all that great. So... what if we tried something a little bit different? What if we made a list of the best PC games we can think of that aren't on Kotaku's list? Everyone is likely going to already own (or be aware of) the games on Kotaku's list, so instead of being all "screw the man," let's make a list of games everyone should try that they might not have considered purchasing. The only restriction should be whether or not the games are available for digital purchase—I'd love to write about Homeworld and No One Lives Forever, but they're as yet unavailable.

So let's get started, shall we? Comment below, and next Monday, I'll post the results for a dozen or so of the best games on PC that everyone should play but probably hasn't.

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