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What Could Sega's Big Announcement Be?

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I love new developments in the video game industry, and following the rise and fall of the biggest players is a pastime enjoyed by many. Sega is one such name, with a long and well chronicled history, and when Famitsu’s Zenji Nishikawa reports that he has a massive scoop, and (probably not) mistakenly namedrops Sega, it’s exciting to consider the possibilities.


If you came here to see me say that they may be considering new hardware, either so you can fantasize about that or lambaste me in the comments, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Then again, for something to “rile up the game industry” in Nishikawa’s words.

Famitsu’s journalistic reliability aside, let’s take what Nishikawa said in context: He was, according to this source, speaking on his YouTube channel. He could just be hyping his next writeup, and it could just be a new game. Although, let’s imagine the possibilities.


Sega, operating as a 3rd party developer, has amassed an in-house library of active and successful titles, perhaps not quite rivaling Nintendo but as far as I can tell Sega has fully recovered from it’s failure in the hardware market and has absolutely no reason to enter the hardware market.

Imagine they were to publish any of their future games exclusively to their own hardware - along with titles from several of their subsidiaries, the ace up their sleeve being Atlus.


Perhaps this is why things have gone quiet on the Bayonetta 3 front, as well as Shin Megami Tensei V, maybe Sega wants to pull these from the Switch and publish them as exclusives on it’s own unannounced platform? Perhaps Sega has been biding it’s time, stacking the deck in it’s favor, waiting to stir up the whole industry by getting back in the hardware game?

Losing those 2 titles would be a blow for Nintendo, maybe not enough by any means to destabilize Nintendo but it would certainly be an egg on their face, and a massive publicity stunt in time for Sega’s 60th birthday on June 3 of this year.


Sega also has a massive back catalog, albeit mostly arcade games I think, and a handful of other subsidiaries it could lean on for games, but I doubt they would because the company seems to be doing just fine as a 3rd party, but who knows? maybe the hard failure of it’s previous hardware and the decisions leading up to that, as well as the 20 years as a 3rd party has taught the company enough that it can re-enter the market, but do we really need a 4th player on the field?

I’m going to say no, but who wouldn’t be hyped to see a new Sega console?

Maybe they’re going to dress the Xbox Series X up as a Sega console, kinda like how they re-badge cars,and get all buddy buddy with Microsoft in Japan? I think that would be really smart, but rather unlikely, I don’t know if Sega would want to risk damaging it’s relationship with Sony or Nintendo by putting their name on a competitor’s product.


Personally, I don’t think it’s gonna be a new console, but I don’t think there is any other way for Sega to rile up the entire game industry than to throw it’s hat into the ring again.

What do you think Sega is up to? Let me know in the comments!

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