I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Hey TAY it me Novi.

Things sure have been quiet this past few days with the North American Holiday. Also just the fact that people have lives. Did I ever tell you guys about my job? Well I am at work right now and figured I would what again about what I do. and ask the same of you if you are willing to share.

I provide over the phone assistance to the Forest Service. They are a part of the United States Department of Agriculture. The Forest Service is literally Team SMOKEY THE BEAR! We occasionally get calls from people who need help who are in an active fire deployment. Because printers never play right even when fires are involved.

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For the most part I sit in an office and take calls as they come in. some people have issues with all sorts of things like passwords, windows7 and 10, internet issues, and I know I mentioned it earlier but printers too. The thing is we have to go about diagnosing the issue and treating it via the knowledge documents we have. So Although I know how to fix Problem X I cant just fix Problem X without supporting documentation. I have to follow the steps and if it doesn’t work I send it up or try to troubleshoot further.

There are also the cases for if we run in to a new problem we can literally say we have no documentation on this error. Then right up the steps and ask if they can add them or make the error happen try to follow the steps to see if it’s a viable solution. So far I like me job its my 7th job but of the 7 its only the third one that’s been telecommunications based.

Me personally I never saw myself being here but this is fine. It pays okay so i can start on my student loan debt. Which I dumbly incurred while going to school for game design. Which there is little to no market for in my area. I had a dream to make video games all i make a awful visual novels though. That’s life though. So I open the floor to you all.


What do you folks do for a living? Is there a dream job you’d want or are aiming for?

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