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What Do You Think of Dauntless? The F2P PC Monster-Hunter.

I recently stumbled upon Dauntless: a free-to-play online game that compares itself most prominently to Monster Hunter, though I’ve seen mentions of Dark Souls and Diablo too. Other than a short mention, I haven’t seen much in the way of news here and wondered what people thought.

I’ve never managed to get my hands on Monster Hunter – I know, I’m not happy about it either. I was introduced to it by a friend, one who thought it heresy that back in 2014 I had never played Dark Souls. Games like these sounded so interesting, but far too intimidating to me.


“You’ll love it,” he said, and despite my scepticism, bought me both the first and second games for my birthday that year. A start of an obsession began: I ploughed through the first two on my PS3, then the third when it was released on PC. I re-bought the first two on PC not long later. I’ve 100%’d one and three, I wrote a little thing here on TAY about my love for its storytelling and now I’m even taking my first baby steps into speedrunning them.

But I wanted more.

“What about Monster Hunter?” that same friend suggested.

I’d heard about them: how people sank thousands of hours into them, how the combat was not too dissimilar to Dark Souls, and neither was the difficulty or storytelling for that matter. They seemed perfect.

He whipped out an old, slightly run-down PSP and showed me what he could. It looked great, but one issue: I’m not much of hand-held gamer. After work I don’t want to slouch over a tiny screen and I tend to lose interest in some really great games because of it. I sunk maybe 20 hours in Tales of the Abyss on 3DS for example, before finally giving in. Perhaps its story and characters would have hit harder on my PC or PS4.


There was a Wii U port of one, but the new one came about before I could get my hands on it and I assumed the community would migrate with it. I’m guessing the Wii U install base wasn’t bulging to begin with. In the end I pushed the idea to the side: perhaps one day one would come to the switch.


Then I saw one of my favourite streamers had followed the Dauntless twitter page, and it’s description caught my eye. The graphics looked cartoony compared to Monster Hunter, but games like DOTA/LOL and anything Blizzard puts out aren’t hampered by this.

I’ve signed up for the beta anyway and wondered if anyone on TAY would be doing the same. I’d love to hear some initial thouhgts from people who’ve played a ton of Monster Hunter, and any noobs to it like myself. For now I remain optimistic and I’m crossing my fingers for the beta.

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