I'm really feeling it!

Oh man, it’s almost time! Get ready to disturb your neighbours, but hey if the don’t like rocking out to awesome music to heck with them right? Rock Band and Guitar Hero are almost here!

I just finished watching Fahey tackle the vocals from The Warrior, he wasn’t all that bad, I mean he wasn’t good, but I have definitely heard worse. Man that was probably the best/worst song he could have chosen. Best because it’s an awesome song, worst because now I really want to go out and buy it now...


I have played quite a bit of Guitar Hero and Rock Band, not recently, and I find that I should probably stick to the guitar parts, and leave the singing and drumming to other people. I wouldn’t say that I’m a horrible singer, I feel I am probably on par with most of the public, but singing out loud in front of people feels weird and unnatural to me (every time we play my wife makes me sing Dani California, which I have done so many times, it’s hard not to ace). Drumming is a whole different story, all drummers should be burned at the stake because they are probably witches, or at least practice some form of the dark arts. There is no way a human being should be able to flail all their limbs about in opposite directions and create the sounds they do...

Watching Fahey do his thing reminded me of all the songs I used to rock out to, mostly from Guitar Hero 80’s cuz that’s how I roll. Tight pants and teased hair all night long! There are a ton of songs that are awesome, but unfortunately they just can’t have all the songs that my heart desires to rock out to.

Man I am in the mood to rock, so here are my five songs that are my ideal rock out songs (some are actually on the games I think).

Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters

I have been to literally two concerts in my life, one of them being Foo Fighters. I was just on my way home from camping, hadn’t showered in a couple days, and was super hungover, and my phone rang as I was entering the city limits. “I have a spare ticket to the Foo Fighters” my friend said to me, “but the concert starts in half an hour”. I feel sorry for anyone who was sitting near me... You know, thinking about it, they probably couldn’t smell me over all that pot smell anyways.


Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac

The other concert was Fleetwood Mac, and it is among my favorite experiences of my life. My mom had the Rumours album on cassette, and the whole thing is burned into my heart and soul. My mother was never a good singer, but that didn’t stop her from letting it all out while we were driving around in her rusted out Dodge Dart. Like 8 years ago now they came to town, and I figured it was the perfect mothers day present. She came and picked me up from my place windows down, with the Rumours album cranked, blaring out the windows, it was awesome. I think they actually played this song twice.


Boss Battle Extended (Black Mages Edition) - Final Fantasy VII

While not my favorite Final Fantasy game, this is up there for my favorite Final Fantasy boss songs. Man I would crank this so loud, and rock out so hard...


No One Like You - Scorpions

My love for the Scorpions is almost unnatural. Apparently my mother was at a Scorpions concert a few days before I was born, which thinking about it now may not have been the best idea. Maybe it was meant to be, maybe if I didn’t get that blast of German rock, I wouldn’t have grown to love this band they way I do now.


Love Is Only a Feeling - The Darkness

Heck no they weren’t a one hit wonder, there were at least 2! You may believe in a thing called love, but love is only a feeling. No I don’t love this song just because they are rocking out on top of a mountain, I mean that’s part of it... Whatever happened to these guys? Anytime this song comes on while I’m out driving around, it has to get turned up. I may be damaging my kids hearing...


Extra Special Bonus!

I Just Wanna - The Spennies

If you know this song without watching the video, you are my new best friend. From the “Who Can Put On a Better Concert?” episode of Kenny vs Spenny. It’s so bad, but I must play it... If you’ve never watched an episode of this show you totally should, there are full episodes on YouTube. Extra special bonus points if you know who Purpleoid is...


That’s it, those are my rock out songs. If you could have any song in Rock Band or Guitar Hero what would it be? Link a video in the comments if you are able so we can all go on this musical journey together.

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