I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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What Does The Fox Say? The Fox Says DON'T KICK ME, YOU ****ING ***HOLES.

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Is anyone else pretty relentlessly bored with gaming? I've played so many games recently that have had so much hype behind them, but that I ended up hating - Final Fantasy XIII (shut the fuck up, Hope; or: Vanille, the Miranda Sirtis of JRPGs), Ni no Kuni, Dishonored... I feel like a lot of the games I've tried for the first time recently are brutally stale. Obviously gaming's not dead - I LOVED Metro Last Light, really enjoyed Pokemon X (despite the lack of an endgame) and thought Bioshock Infinite was great (though not quite perfect)... But I miss having games to be excited about. You know?


I've been playing Papers, Please on Steam, and while it's an interesting concept, it's not a particularly fun game. I've also invested a bit of time into both Bleed and Fez - Bleed is an outstanding game, and it comes highly recommended... It feels like Mega Man X and Gunstar Heroes had a baby. Fez is really great too, but I'm stuck on the first level, and not even walkthroughs can help me find the last two jewel shards or whatever. I swear they're not even there. I bet one is in a dude's leg or some stupid shit. #InuyashaReferences #PreteenMemories

Perhaps more frightening - despite my current unemployment (unless you count part time at Best Buy, which I don't), I'm having a hard time sitting down with a game for any extended period of time. I know it's not because of my age or any of that - I beasted through marathon sessions of Silent Hill 1 and 2 early last month. But it's rare to find a game like those, you know, games that are just so drenched in atmosphere and wonderment. So many games, in a lot of ways (and especially modern triple A games) feel so completely half-assed in that regard. I really, truly feel like every big studio has a check list - "Good Graphics? Solid Gameplay Mechanics? Mass Marketability? None of that faggot crap like colours, emotions, diversity, passion, and inventiveness?"


I don't know how I feel about assembly line gaming churning out exactly what I expect. In fact, I don't want a gaming company to say, "People like this, so let's make this." I want a game company to do what developers used to do - "We're going to make this because we feel like it." The Silent Hill games are a great example - Team Silent was made up of guys that were pretty much on the layoff list. They were thrown together and asked to make a horror game. When they weren't producing what Konami wanted, they did their own thing, and it turned out incredible. You know, you look at games like Pokemon, Mega Man X, Ocarina of Time, Half-Life 2... These don't feel like games that are made with the philosophy of "Let's capture the market." They genuinely feel like creative people got together and said, "I wanna make this, and it's gonna kick copious amounts of ass." Probably in Japanese though. Yatta.

So anyway, in typical PHC fashion, I wrote down what came to mind as it appeared in my brain. Write things below. Be sure to like this video, subscribe to my channel, like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, buy my t-shirts and steal Morie's pizza.

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